Sunday, 24 July 2011

Laziness, Fire, etc.

So I haven't updated this in quite a long while, and its not even like I have a good excuse for it!

Pretty much all I've been doing since finishing for the summer is playing on my computer and Xbox360, and seeing my girlfriend!

I've been playing a whole lot of Fifa 11 Ultimate Team, as well as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with friends, on top of that I've been playing little bits of L.A. Noire (Fantastic game, although I didn't like the ending, just didn't feel that well thought through), and various games my girlfriend borrows me from her shop.

I recently got a Kinect as well, and the UFC personal trainer game for it - it's actually quite good and it feels good to actually work out since I don't really have the confidence to go to a gym or anything on my own I can do it in my room.

Went to a friend's house yesterday to celebrate his birthday, and had a lot of fun playing football and building a fire in his back garden, sitting around it drinking all night and laughing at how drunk he was! It was good fun all round, although a friend's dad got knocked off his bike so he had to leave to go see him - he's stable in hospital now but was pretty badly knocked up so I hope he recovers okay!

Anyway after that brief ramble, I'll call it a day and hopefully update this when something interesting happens in my life (which could be a while...)


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  2. Holy Crap I thought your blog was someone else's haha I posted a totally different topic hahaha. Anyhow I wanted to try the kinect. Too bad I got a ps3. Thanks for the share!

  3. Welcome back! :)
    Following and supporting, mate! :)

  4. Haha welcome back, you don't need to worry about if we'll find it interesting or not! I'm sure we will! Pick something which interests you, gaming, music fitness etc.

  5. Maybe the kinect will give you that ego boost you need to excercise outdoors ^^ =p

  6. yeah buy a kinnect, xbox time and girlfriend bonding time, win win!

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